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    Whether you are ready to buy a home or have some question about an existing home you’re thinking of putting on the market, having an Orlando Home Inspection from A1 Home Inspections is an extremely important step. While safety for yourself and your family is paramount, an (Orlando Home Inspection – Italics) can also save you a lot of headache and money. In this article we will cover some of the most common misconceptions and mistakes that even experienced home owner make.

    Do Have Newly Constructed Orlando Homes Inspected

    You may be surprised at the harrowing stories we get from folks that have just purchased a new home, only to find out that some new construction contractor put a water heater exhaust pipe against a combustible 2x4, which is a fire hazard, stucco over a plumbing cleanout, or even cut away a support beam to accommodate duct work and the brand new floor was sinking! At this point, you’re probably wondering about municipal and county inspections right? Well, the sinking floor , and stuccoed-over plumbing clean out were both brand new construction! The lesson here is to never assume that because your Orlando home inspection was a code inspection, it’s completely sound. County inspectors are human too. In the case of the sinking floor, the damaged support beam was in a crawl space that was hard to access. Maybe the contractor thought no one would ever go inside to check. Whatever the reason, had that beam not been reinforced, the floor could’ve collapsed possible injuring the homeowner, and costing thousands of dollars in damages.

    Do Be Present for Your Orlando Home Inspection

    An Orlando Home Inspection is a meticulous job that can take an hour or 2, so we aren’t suggesting that follow us every step of the way. However being present at the Orlando Home Inspection site allows us to show you our findings, rather than just write them in our report. This will ensure that you have a clear understanding of any hazards and potential problems that may come up in the future. At A1 Home Inspections, our customers come first. It’s always a pleasure to educate and inform our clients. We don’t want to alarm you if a defect should be noted but doesn’t have to be fixed immediately; and we certainly don’t want you to ignore a serious problem that could be dangerous or hazardous to your health.

    Don’t ignore your Orlando Home Inspectors Recommendations

    Your home and the land it sits on has many various systems. They all have to work together in harmony for your home to be safe. If there’s water near electricity, or sloping onto and under the foundation of your home, a flue that’s blowing carbon monoxide back into the house, termites getting into the home, these are all serious issues. Ignoring them would be a big mistake. These are only a few of the 100’s of problems we encounter from week to week. Once your Orlando Home Inspection is complete, the worst mistake you can make is ignoring our recommendations. As our customer, your home is very important to us too. If you were able to be with us for you Orlando Home inspection, and there’s anything in our report you don’t understand, we urge you (Contact Us = Link to Contact Page). We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions with a detailed explanation.

    We also offer Orlando Wind Mitigation Reports and Mold when necessary.

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