• Reports


    When it comes to what we inspect and report on, there's just too much to list. While what's below is not a comprehensive list, it should give you a great snapshot of what you'll get when you do your Orlando Home Inspection with us! 

  • SITE – fences & gates, retaining walls, driveway, sidewalk/patios, deck/patio covers, porches/entry, exterior steps, POOL will be included if property has one

    EXTERIOR / FOUNDATION – exterior walls / trim, slab foundation, raised foundation, grading/drainage

    PARKING STRUCTURE – exterior, roof, interior, floor, firewall, fire door to interior, garage doors, automatic openers, exterior side doors

    ATTIC / ROOF – attic, shingles/shakes, tile/metal, built-up roofing, flashing, gutters/downspouts

    PLUMBING – main line, water lines, waste lines, water heater

    ELECTRICAL – service, panels, panel comments, wiring, lights/outlets

    COOLING – air conditioning, general conditions, distribution system, filters

    KITCHEN / LAUNDRY -  counters/cabinets, range/cooktop, dishwasher, garbage disposal,plumbing, misc, appliances, laundry facilities

    BATHROOM(S) – toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, ventilation, heat/heaters

    INTERIOR – ceilings, walls, flooring, interior doors, exterior doors, windows

    GENERAL – multi-pane windows, smoke detectors, interior stairs, sprinklers, landscaping,miscellaneous

    Some homes may have one or more of the above, and some of the items may not apply to your home at all. 

    We generally inspect whatever is in the home...